Departed General Commandings-Retired

The list below are General Commandings-Retired who were leaders in our organization but have passed beyond the veil to a higher calling.

We take a moment to reflect on each one’s legacy in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and remember that they may be gone from earth, but they will always remain part of our Order and our hearts.

General CommandingJurisdictionTerm(s) Served
General John C. UnderwoodKentucky1885-1902
General M. A. RaneyIowa1902-1911
General A. R. StokerOhio1911-1916
General John K. RitterCalifornia1916-1918
General W. S. GurneyNew York1918-1920
General G. M. HermistonOntario1920-1924
General August HohensteinMinnesota1924-1927
General Will C. MillerMaine1927-1929
General Fred H. A. HahnOhio1929-1931
General Edwin E. QuimbyNew Hampshire1931-1932
General E. E. LambertIowa1932-1934
General George I. BreilKentucky1934-1936
General Antoine E. DahlgreenMinnesota1936-1937
General Arthur G. AdamsNew York1937-1938
General Herbert A. HughesOhio1938-1939
General Edward E. ProhsColorado1939-1941
General Russell K. PattersonPennsylvania1941-1943
General Clifton CunninghamVirginia1943-1946
General C. M. McLaughlinTexas1946-1947
General Gordon E. WheelerArizona1947-1948
General George I. BreilKentucky1948-1949
General Leo F. PilzCalifornia1949-1953
General Roy TrickerKansas1953-1955
General William F. SoaperVirginia1955-1957
General Lyle G. GomonWisconsin1957-1958
General E. Russell HollandOklahoma1958-1959
General Frantz H. DeThestrupVermont1959-1960
General Walter JessupVirginia1960-1961
General Edward V. LudvigsonMinnesota1961-1962
General Wendell L. ComptonMissouri1962-1963
General Robert H. ChapmanGeorgia1963-1964
General Raymond A. VolkKansas1964-1965
General Louis G. NealSaskatchewan1965-1966
General Guy W. EnisTexas1966-1967
General Carl K. FarmerVirginia1968-1969
General Alvin GronvoldWashington1969-1970
General Sam MathewsIndiana1970-1971
General B. Edward RichterWisconsin1970-1971
General Emerson MillerOhio1971-1972
General E. C. ThompsonFlorida1972-1973
General Fay F. HunterDistrict of Columbia1973-1974
General Murlo D. FanslerWest Virginia1974-1975
General Elmer TeftOntario1975-1976
General Harold YounkinKansas1976-1977
General Oscar G. BeechOregon1977-1978
General Wilmer HamiltonNebraska1978-1979
General Einer NielsenAlberta1979-1980
General Lewis McKeeMichigan1980-1981
General William Miller, Jr.Texas1981-1982
General James W. DunnAtlantic Provinces1982-1983
General Francis L. MarkhamIdaho1983-1984
General George LewisOntario1984-1985
General Robert R. RussellOhio1985-1986
General Edwin B. YoungNew Hampshire/Calif.1986-1987
General Donald BullockBritish Columbia1987-1988
General Howard J. PropstWest Virginia1988-1989
General John F. SealeySouth Dakota1989-1990
General C. "Bud" BennettIndiana1990-1991
General Eugene L. Ingraham, Jr.Maryland / D.C.1991-1992
General Darrel LawsonOntario1994-1995
General James C. CassellNebraska1995-1996, 1997-1998
General John P. Fox, Sr.Missouri1996-1997
General Dino P. FiorinBritish Columbia1998-1999
General David F. LyonsNew Hampshire1999-2000
General Frank E. LawyerIdaho2000-2001
General William H. WulffNew York2002-2003
General Robert G. GrafOhio2003-2004
General S. Ray JohnsonIndiana2018-2019