The Department Council of Pacific North West

The Department Council of Pacific North West, consisting of the state of Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and Washington and the provinces of Alberta and Britsh Columbia

The Executive Committee of Pacific North West Department Council consists of:

The Department Council of the Pacific Northwest consists of the states of Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and Washington and the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.

The Executive Committee of the Pacific Northwest’s Department Council consists of:

Officer & Title
Major General Shirley R. Mathews
Department Commander
Colonel Eugene C. Voyton
Deputy Department Commander
General Commanding(R) Dan E. Mathews
Department Adjutant
Brigadier General (R) Gary V. Hahn
Department Quartermaster


Appointed Officers of the Department Council:

Chief of Staff – BG(R) Allan Jackson

Military Advisor – MG(R) Robert E. Worthington

Chaplain – BG(R) Bette G. Hahn

Judge Advocate – Col Patricia J. Marvin

Inspector – MG(R) Donnie Marvin

Equipment Officer – GC(R) Dan E. Mathews

Bannerette – Maj Michael Guerreiro

Bugler – Maj John Compton

Dept Aide to the General Commanding – BG(R) Patricia O. Fries

Dept Aide – Idaho Battalion – Col Marge Harlan

Dept Aide – Oregon Battalion – BG(R) Lloyd Fries

Dept Aide – Washington Battalion – BG(R) C. Allan Reitan

Dept Aide – Canada – Col(R) Gordon Clark

The Department Council of the Pacific Northwest Consists of 10 Cantons, making their Department a Brigade. Below is a current list of Cantons and their meeting information. 

CantonClerkAddressMeeting Information
Portland #1Patricia Olson Fries10282 SE Main Street
Portland, OR, USA
1st Tuesday
Alberta #1Ronald D. Feyer432-28 Street NE
Calgary, AB, Canada
Call of Commander
Valley United #2Greig Simpson46008 Reece Avenue, Chilliwack, BC, Canada3rd Saturday
Columbia #3Donnie Marvin600 North Curtis N 225
Boise, ID, USA
3rd Monday
Lazarus #4Davey Wiggers501 4 Ave South
Lethbridge, AB, Canada
1st Monday
Capital #11Allan Jackson20 East Ash
Lebanon, OR, USA
2nd Friday
Hillsboro #14GC(R) Dan E. Mathews 267 East Main Street
Hillsboro, OR, USA
1st Tues even mn;
1st Thurs odd mn;
Snowy-Butte #15Lloyd Stiewig101 SE H Street
Grants Pass, OR, USA
3rd Wednesday
Olympia #20Laurel DelonyIOOF Hall
405 Columbia St SW
Olympia WA, USA
2nd Sat in Mar & Oct
Mount Si #36Edmond L. ReitanIOOF Hall
728 S 225th Street
Des Moines, WA
2nd Tuesday

Alaska has no Cantons

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